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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Enrolment Services
May 4, 2015
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The Student Awards Office is responsible for the administration of financial assistance and award programs for all students.

COMMUNICATIONS: The Student Awards office will contact you for official communication purposes through:

  • 1. your Laurier email address (it is your responsibility to check your Laurier inbox), or
  • 2. your current address on file with the Registrar's Office (it is your responsibility to update your current address via your LORIS account-Personal Information tab)

Please navigate the left hand links for further information.   

The 2014-15 applications for OSAP and the Ontario Tuition Grants are available online on the OSAP website.

 OSAP Information Video

Click here for details.  For information on how to get your OSAP in 2014-15, click here

Confirmations of enrollment for 2014-2015 Winter Term OSAP applicants began the week of January 5th, 2015.  Students may monitor their OSAP status by checking their application online on the OSAP website. Your status on LORIS will be updated once the Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) has been completed.  The automatic COE process continues throughout the term(s).

**If your actual course load does not match the course load you have indicated on LORIS, we cannot confirm your enrolment. Fill out a course-load update form here!

E-Billing has arrived at WLU! Check out the link for billing information.


Going into OSAP repayment?

Click here to get the facts.

The Entrance bursary program

is now closed for first year

undergraduate students,

entering a full time program

in the Fall 2015. 

Applications are currently

being processed. Notifications

to eligible recipients will be

sent by the Office of

Undergraduate Admissions,

by mid May.