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May 26, 2017
Canadian Excellence
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Laurier student marries physics and forensics through ballistics work at RCMP
(Headline - May 18)
Three-minute talk on using quantum dots to detect tumours lands Laurier graduate student a spot in 3MT national finals
(Headline - May 12)
Laurier researchers working on ways to assess home care for the dying
(Headline - May 11)
Laurier researchers working to make soil healthier in Ontario and China
(Headline - May 10)
Laurier researcher examining components of successful peer support programs
(Headline - Apr 28)
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People at Laurier

Dr. Stephen Perry, Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education A SHARCNET Undergraduate Fellowship funded a study to determine if an Artificial Neural Network based model could be used to approximate an individualís center of mass (COM) during dynamic movements in upright stance given only pressure data originating from pressure sensing insoles. The objective was to gain insight into how the human postural control system uses this sensory information to control balance. The model demonstrated good prediction of the COM in the anterior/posterior direction and an extension of this model to 2-D space, incorporating medial/lateral information. Pilot work has also begun on modeling the COM and it relationship to the base of support during gait using pressure insoles.

Dr. Stephen Perry
Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education