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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
December 3, 2016
Canadian Excellence
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Laurierís LaunchPad Science Maker Lab helps student entrepreneurs with product development
(Headline - Dec 01)
High school students test local drinking water at Laurierís Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science
(Headline - Oct 19)
Laurierís Shohini Ghose wins Oktoberfest Women of the Year for STEM advocacy
(Headline - Oct 18)
Laurier physicist joins distinguished panel to discuss women in science
(Headline - Oct 18)
Laurier to host national conference on psychomotor learning and sport psychology
(Headline - Oct 18)
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People at Laurier

Dr. Matt Smith, Biology A molecular plant cell biologist, Matthew Smith studies how proteins are delivered to the sub-compartments, or organelles, found within cells by intracellular protein trafficking systems. The long-term goal of Mattís research program is to understand the mechanisms of protein targeting and import into the plant-specific organelles called chloroplasts, which are the site of photosynthesis, and serve as a model organelle. The research will contribute to our understanding of basic cell biology, chloroplast biogenesis, and plant growth and development.

Dr. Matt Smith
Assistant Professor,