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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
July 20, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Welcome to online learning at Laurier!

The Centre for Online Learning within the Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence (CTIE) is committed to supporting the development and administration of pedagogically sound online learning courses that provide rich and engaging learning experiences for our learners.

We offer over 100 online courses that provide students with a learning experience consistent with program-level objectives and outcomes.

How do the courses work?

Laurier's online courses are designed to provide the learner with a range of ways to interact with the learning materials including visual and audio objects, multimedia and links to Internet resources.

Discussion boards, email and other tools may be used to provide you with the opportunity to interact and work with your peers and instructors in way that used to be limited to the live classroom.

Some courses may additionally require Internet research, the use of library facilities and/or field work. The descriptions in the online learning course listings provide details of required course materials and computer needs for each. Please note that all courses require Internet access.

How much time will I spend studying?

Online courses are flexible and convenient, allowing you to work around other commitments. However, they do require you to dedicate approximately 10-12 hours per course per week to your academic work (specific requirements vary by course).

There will be assessments, assignments and activities that are due at set times throughout the term.

Are there any deadlines?

Due dates are set up at the start of the courses and are identified the by week of study that you are in. For example, you may have an essay due at the end of week 3; this is because terms may start on any day of the week. Some courses may also include upgraded learning tasks that are intended to help reinforce learning. 

Do I have to come to campus?

The assessment scheme for our online courses may include quizzes, midterms and final examinations that may require you to be proctored -- either virtually or in person. If you are required to complete a proctored assessment, we can provide you with information on possible exam centre locations throughout Ontario. If you live outside of our 100km radius, you will need to complete your exam with the supervision of a proctor. 

How much does this all cost?

For details about tuition and other fees, including application for admission, course material deposits, textbooks, shipping and handling, please refer to the Fees, Payments and Financial Assistance portion of the this website. From there, you will also find links to information about payment methods, due dates and refund policies.